Twisted Paper Handle White Kraft Bag With Printed Logo

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This is white kraft bag, its size is 16x6x12", this bag is made of 100g white kraft paper--the most popular material to build high street eco friendly shopping bags, with black color twisted paper handle--twisted handle is available in any color, and black color printing,flood entire bag,feature with silver hot stamping logo on two sides of bag.

This white kraft bag is made by Shopping Bags Mall. As paper bags manufacturer,Shopping Bags Mall manufacture twisted handle kraft bags by auto machine or by hand that can suit different order quantity.

White kraft paper bags are not only 100% recyclable,great as eco friendly shopping bags, but also are elegant and great to print any color to advertise business and product perfectly.It is the reason why white kraft paper bags are also used as promotional bags.

Shopping Bags Mall is specialist of paper bags, No matter what end of bag you want, and no matter how many bags you need. Shopping Bags Mall can make customized kraft paper bags to meet your requirement.

For example if you want durable white kraft bags for heavyweight products such as book or wine bottle, Shopping Bags Mall can use 200g kraft paper to build euro style rope handle bags for you; If you just need 250pcs 8x4x10" twisted handle kraft bags with custom printing ,We can produce them for you quickly with cheap price too.

In fact Shopping Bags Mall can offer wide ranges of white kraft paper and handle to create customized white kraft paper bags, and We can print any color of custom logo and image on white kraft paper bags without run limit.


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