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Foldable Gift Boxes

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silver foldable gift boxes with ribbon closure

Gift boxes are colorful,stylish and functional packaging boxes and presentation boxes. Gift Boxes offer protection,also add more quality feeling into what they pacjage.

Gift Boxes have so many variety, And now foldable gift boxes have become popular, because foldable gift boxes have the same elegant and luxurious looking as luxury rigid gift boxes,great as premium packaging boxes and presentation boxes,but they have collapsible construction to save space and freight.

Foldable gift boxes are made of heavyweight paper board,so foldable gift boxes are very strong, it is the reason why foldable gift boxes can offer the best protection to what they package, and foldable gift boxes are designed to be folded into flat and be assembled into rigid box easily and quickly,it is easy to change flat boxes into strong rigid boxes.

Foldable gift boxes are wrapped by different paper such as printed paper, kraft paper, foil paper, speciality paper,embossed paper and when you looking for foldable gift boxes, you can find right foldable gift boxes with your favorite color and finishes

Such as this foldable gift box,this box is made of heavyweight paper board,wrapped box by art paper with matt lamination,silver color printing,flood entire box, box is designed to be folded in side way to fit its cube shape, and box has hinged lid with flap and ribbon closure.

Foldable gift boxes are great as luxury and premium packaging boxes,from above image, you can feel elegant and luxurious,when you choose it to package your products and gift items, it can add more value and quality confidence into your items.The advantage of foldable gift box is that foldable gift box has collapsible construction, it can come in flat to save space and freight, and it is easy to assemble into rigid luxury gift box quickly.

Where to get quality foldable gift boxes with cheap price?

You are right place now!

As gift boxes manufacturer, Shopping Bags Mall have designed, manufactured and wholesaled foldable gift boxes,foldable kraft gift boxes,foldable luxury gift boxes,foldable rigid gift boxes for 20 years, we have great experience to make quality foldable gift boxes with cheap pricing!

We also manufacture custom foldable rigid boxes that can come in customized size,color to fit your end exactly, and Shopping Bags Mall also offer custom insert to hold products firmly inside of boxes.

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