Recycled Kraft Shopping Bag With Printed Logo

Shopping Bags Mall specialize in manufacturing custom recycled kraft bags

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flat handle recycled kraft bags with custom printing

Kraft paper bags are great as eco friendly shopping bags, because kraft paper bags are made from recyclable and recycled material,kraft paper bags are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, in the same time, kraft paper bags also can be used as economic shopping bags, because the cost to build kraft paper bags is lower than others shopping bags.

Kraft paper bags are great as shopping bags, kraft paper bags are versatile enough to fit any end.

Where to get kraft shopping bags with cheap price?

Shopping Bags Mall is reputable manufacturer who can manufacture custom recycled kraft bags for you with cheap price!

As paper bags manufacturer, Paper Bags Direct specialize in manufacturing custom kraft paper bags, all kraft paper bags at Shopping Bags Mall can be customized coming in any size,color and shape with various styles.

Twisted handle kraft shopping bag is popular styles of kraft shopping bags, In fact twisted handle kraft shopping bags are high street products, twisted handle kraft shopping bags are favored by so many business.

Shopping Bags Mall specialize in manufacturing twisted handle kraft shopping bags,Shopping Bags Mall offer wide range of kraft paper,printing, print finishes to build personalized twisted handle kraft shopping bags with cheap price to meet your demand.

At Shopping Bags Mall, you can choose from following items to build your twisted handle kraft shopping bags

1 Kraft paper: Shopping Bags Mall offer brown kraft paper, white kraft paper, recycled kraft paper to build shopping bags, kraft paper weight is in below

Brown kraft paper: 70g,80g,90g,100g,110g,120g,130g,140g,150g,180g

White kraft paper: 70g,80g,90g,100g,110g,120g,130g,140g,150g,180g

Recycled kraft paper: 70g,80g,90g,100g,110g,120g,130g,140g

2 Twisted handle is available in any color--such as black,silver--that can match your logo

3 Printing: Shopping Bags Mall can print any color of custom logo and image on kraft shopping bags

4 Print Finishes: hot stamping, embossing, spot uv varnish to print and highlight custom logo and pattern

5 Size: any size is available, from mini 3x2x3" to ex-large 20x8x25"


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