Recycled Kraft Gift Boxes--Two Piece With Lift Off Lid

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Retail business do need packaging boxes to package what they sell, and most custom made packaging boxes offer not only good protection, but also add some colorful,stylish and luxurious feel into inside package.And packaging boxes have so many variety,so it is easy to find right packaging boxes to meet any end.

When you are looking for premium and eco friendly packaging boxes,recycled kraft gift boxes are the best choice.

Recycled kraft gift boxes are made of heavyweight recycled paper board,covered by different recycled plain kraft paper or printed recycled kraft paper,so recycled kraft gift boxes have strong construction and luxurious looking, it is the reason why recycled kraft gift boxes are used as premium packaging boxes.And recycled kraft gift boxes are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. So recycled kraft gift boxes are the best choice as eco friendly gift boxes,packaging boxes and presentation boxes.

When you are looking for recycled kraft gift boxes, Shopping Bags Mall is perfect place.

As packaging boxes manufacturer, Shopping Bags Mall specialize in manufacturing rigid boxes,foldable rigid boxes and kraft gift boxes. Recycled kraft gift boxes are main products of Shopping Bags Mall, Shopping Bags Mall offer wide range of material, wrapped paper to build recycled kraft gift boxes that can come in so many sizes,colors and shapes to fit any end.

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