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Luxury packaging boxes come in all shapes and sizes. From small slipcase and drawer boxes to large rigid apparel boxes, there are numerous styles and types of rigid boxes to choose from. The versatility of rigid box packaging makes it a popular option with many brands and businesses. Suitable for a wide range of products including high-value items and premium gifts, rigid boxes exude luxury and quality. Because made out of heavyweight paper board, rigid boxes are very strong and sturdy, it is the reason why rigid boxes look more quality and luxurious, so rigid boxes are not only versatile and luxurious but incredibly durable, functional and practical. If you’re looking for luxury packaging to either protect your delicate items or market your premium products, custom rigid box packaging might well be the packaging solution you have been looking for.

Are rigid boxes the right luxury packaging boxes for your products?

If you need luxury packaging boxes for your brand, rigid boxes are likely to be the most ideal solution. Whilst there is no correct scenario or specific checklist that warrants the use of rigid boxes, rigid boxes are typically used to build and solidify a customer’s relationship with a brand and to both protect high-value, premium products. With numerous benefits – from stylish and eye-catching designs to durable and hard-wearing properties – rigid boxes are the ideal luxury packaging boxes for multiple products.

What is the benefits of rigid boxes?

1) rigid boxes are durability and premium quality

Four times thicker than traditional packaging types and made with bespoke inserts to protect a display your products, rigid gift boxes are exceptionally durable. It is precisely for this reason that rigid boxes are commonly used to house a range of high-value products from expensive mobile devices to exquisite pieces of jewellery. What’s more, the durable materials do not affect the style, design or shape of the rigid box in any way.

2) Rigid boxes are versatile enough to make stylish packaging easily

When marketing a new product, first impressions count. Rigid boxes are easy to create personalized looking:Finished with paper wrapping, a rigid set-up box can be printed, embossed/ debossed and foil stamped in multiple colours, textures and finishes-- to attract more attentions from customers. Completely customisable and suiting the needs of nearly all products and brands, rigid boxes make great luxury packaging boxes.

Great display pieces, a rigid set up box also functions to market your product when placed on a retail shelf that is crowded with products from other brands. When presented in a beautiful, stylish and eye-catching box, it automatically piques the customer’s interest and encourages engagement with your product and brand. Luxury rigid box packaging also creates a connection between customers and brands that increases engagement and improves word-of-mouth referrals.

3) Rigid boxes are Irresistible luxury

Strong rigid boxes will state more quality message,also add luxurious feeling into inside packaged items.Luxury packaging is made for luxury products. Not a boring box without design or appeal, rigid boxes are special in every way. Great for creating a special unboxing experience and for keeping as novelty storage boxes for a long time after opening, rigid boxes elude a sense of luxury that is irresistible to many customers.

When you are looking for luxury rigid boxes, Shopping Bags Mall is the best place!

Shopping Bags Malk is manufacturer of rigid boxes

Shopping Bags Mall can make customized rigid boxes to fit your products as well as brand your business.

From luxury jewellery packaging boxes to rigid gift boxes with lids, rigid boxes are durable packaging solutions that will protect your products from handling and shipping.

In addition to protecting your products, custom rigid boxes add a luxury appeal to your products that creates a strong connection between your product or brand and your customer. They also help your products stand out on a crowded retail shelf.

Examples of successful custom luxury packaging boxes

Shopping Bags Mall manufacture custom luxury rigid boxes coming in any size,color and shape with various styles as following:

Rigid slipcase and drawer boxes

Rigid slipcase and drawer boxes are made of two components: an outer sleeve which is closed on one end (or slipcase) and an inner drawer tray. As slipcase and drawer boxes are suitable for multiple product types – from beauty products, luxury perishables, books, clothing and more – they are popular with numerous luxury brands.

Needing a luxury packaging design for a Christmas promotion, Shopping Bags Mall is one stop place!

As experienced manufacturer of luxury rigid boxes, Shopping Bags Mall produced a rigid box from a 1200mic paper board and wrapped by matt laminated art paper with a custom design print, varnish finish and gold foil logo. Complete with a grosgrain ribbon to open and close the door and a 500mic FBB fitment to keep each product in place,

Hinged Lid Rigid Boxes can be used to house a range of different products. In addition to books, book jacket boxes could contain cosmetics, art, gifts, influencer goodies and more.

Shoulder Rigid Boxes

With shoulder and neck, rigid boxes look more distinctive, rigid boxes with shoulder and neck are usually used as premium packaging boxes.




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