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Rigid boxes always are considered as high end premium packaging boxes for high value products and gift items.

In order to get strong protection for your products and advertise your brand, custom printed rigid boxes are the best choice.

As rigid boxes manufacturer, Shopping Bags Mall specialize in manufacturing custom printed rigid boxes. At Shopping Bags Mall, all rigid boxes can be customized coming in any size,color and shape with various styles.

Two-piece rigid boxes with base and lift off lids are the most popular styles of rigid boxes. The design is simple yet stylish. The durability of rigid packaging is unmatched, and you can rely on it to keep your products secure and also display them attractively on the retail shelf.

In order to make strong rigid boxes, We offer quality heavyweight paper board as material to build boxes.At GiftPack, weight of paper board range from 1000g to 2500g that can fit different ends. In order to suit different need, We offer quality paper board ,and weight of paper board ( thickness) range from 1000g to 2500g (1.5mm to 4mm).Usually most of rigid boxes are made of 1200g paper board ( 2.00 mm thickness) ) to build strong boxes with affordable cost.

These boxes are made of rigid material that is the thickest and sturdiest of all packaging materials. You can adjust and enhance the thickness of the rigid sheets according to your product requirements. It depends on the needs of the product and how much security does it need. For instance, if your product is supposed to be stored, then they will need packaging that can keep them safe from getting compressed as the boxes are stacked over each other while being stored.

On the other hand, if your product needs to be shipped over long distances or transported over short distances, then they will be requiring different safety protocols. You will have to choose to package and customize it in accordance with the product needs.

Your products will need custom rigid boxes that can keep them safe during transport from bumps and pressures.

Shopping Bags Mall offer not only heavyweight paper board to make strong boxes, but also various wrapped paper to get personalized looking for rigid boxes.

We offer huge selections of wrapped paper to create personalized looking of custom rigid boxes

the selection of packaging depends on the presentation requirements of the products. To decide what kind of material and packaging style you need, you have to consider the customizations you want to apply to the packaging box. The box you select must be able to support all the customizations you want to apply on it and must exhibit them attractively. It should be able to carry the printing techniques, hues, add-ons, and finishing coats neatly as well as appealingly.

We offer wrapped paper such as art paper, kraft paper,recycled kraft paper,textured paper,foil paper, specialty paper and more to cover on rigid boxes as skin of boxes,We can meet any requirement of you to get the appearance of rigid boxes as your desire

In order to meet your demand at custom rigid boxes, We can make customized rigid boxes coming in any size,shape and style

The wholesale two piece rigid boxes are a smart choice that can efficiently cater to all your product packaging needs. It can enhance product safety and presentation. The smooth exterior and the robust structure make the packaging suitable packaging for your products. Furthermore, you can customize the box style, size, and shape according to your product needs. You can go for different shapes with Custom Two-piece Rigid Boxes; you can choose to have square, rectangular, cylindrical, triangle, and hexagonal shapes. You can choose the shape of your choice that best fits your product dimensions.

Furthermore, you can have it in large and small sizes to meet your product needs. This helps save extra material that can go to waste if the product is larger than the requirements. On the contrary, a standard box that is smaller in size than the required product specifications can cause the product to fall out due to the inadequacy of the packaging. This eventually leads to damage to the product and causes it to lose value.

Therefore, you need trendy two pieces rigid boxes to pack your products and customize them according to your product needs as the standard sizes and designs of packaging cannot offer you what you can get from custom packaging. It will help protect your products better and enhance their presentation to the market.

We can print any color of your logo and image on rigid boxes for your branding and marketing

To improve the presentation of your products with two-piece rigid boxes, you can go for custom printed two-piece rigid boxes to add details to them. The designs you create can reflect the brand with the help of a logo, title, taglines, and patterns. You can make your rigid boxes look attractive with printing techniques and details that you want the customers to know.

You can have high-resolution, detailed images with the help of the offset printing technique. However, it takes a few days of turnaround time to deliver the images. It is because of the extensive initial setup. So, if that doesn’t bother you and high-definition images are your priority, then go for lithography/offset printing. Moreover, it is economically feasible for large-scale orders only.

On the other hand, if you are good with images of fine quality that are not as superb as those obtained from offset printing, then there is digital printing that you can avail. It is budget-friendly for small-scale orders, and the turnaround time is quick. Furthermore, you can easily and frequently make design changes as it does not require an extensive initial setup. This makes it a feasible choice if it meets your design needs.

With the help of these printing techniques, you can make the packaging represent your brand by having a logo and title printed on the rigid box. Also, you can add a catchy punchline that goes with your brand. Plus, the product information, ingredients, and cautions can also be printed on the box by utilizing these printing techniques.

If you want to create a box with a brand-specific theme, you can go for PMS that produces accurate and consistent spot colors. It is a universal color model and has over 1800 colors represented with specific codes to ensure color precision.

As specialist of retail packaging products, We have great experience to match pantone color exactly and display on your rigid boxes perfectly. Quality printed rigid boxes can become important part of your branding strategy.

On the contrary, you can create colorful images that may lack precision but add vibrancy to your custom rigid boxes. The CMYK color model can help you create vibrant and lively images that captivate customers and make your products look appealing.

We have the most modern printing machine to print cmyk full color,flood entire is available.

Go For Custom Two Piece Rigid Boxes And Make Your Products Stand Out In The Market.


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