Customized Two Piece Rigid Box With Custom Printing

Shopping Bgas Mall manufacture custom rigid boxes

Two-piece rigid boxes are generally made for display purposes. One part of the box is the place where the item is put away or shown while the other part remains upstanding like a cut-out banner and displays the name or features of the products. We provide the best Two-piece boxes to naming brands in the Gift Packaging And Retail Packaging.

Why would you buy two piece rigid boxes from Shopping Bags Mall

Since these are Rigid Two-Piece Boxes, the best material for making these boxes usually is chip board or paper board. This is the reason that chip board isn't just tough enough for storing things; it is unbending sufficient too for the tops to remain upstanding without enough support.

Two-piece rigid boxes are customized for different shapes, sizes, colors, designs, prints, and layouts along with logo printing to enhance your branding relations. Our professional designers have unique and latest designing ideas for your brand packaging.

Shopping Bags Mall supply these quality packaging boxes at wholesale prices. Our wholesale prices are actually discounted prices, which is the half of discount per retail box price. Brands and packaging companies can take advantage of buying small rigid boxes at much lower prices. Who offers quality boxes with beautiful designs at a much lower cost?

If you want to have two-piece discount boxes develop for your brand, contact with us. We have a vast experience of creating and assembling beautiful custom boxes and ensure 100% clients satisfaction with every job of us. As our client, you can also enjoy free designing support and fast delivery service to your door-step.

Sturdy two piece boxes give you the ultimate freedom to insert any product with complete safety. Two piece boxes are also known as tray and lid boxes that feature a detachable top lid and bottom base tray of exact shape with the top lid consisting of a bit wider flaps on all sides to tightly fit over the bottom tray for an elegant looking box that is robust and provide no difficulty in opening or closing. These boxes are durable yet have enough room to store any type of small or large sized product that makes them a nice option for personal or commercial storage. Two piece rigid boxes are liked customer base of all sorts due to their vast availability everywhere and their ability to act as a graceful storage medium thanks to detachable lid. Two piece boxes have simple yet elegant opening and closing design with guaranteed security of product stored in bottom base that product manufacturers and retail sellers like to offer retail products, gift items and various other fragile merchandise for sales. Cardboard two piece boxes are preferred by apparel stores due to sturdiness yet less cost to offer shirts, tights and ties. Despite being a lavishing packaging medium, two piece boxes are made from turned edge rigid stock that gives them a premium appearance suitable to keep any product with a high-end look. Cosmetic manufacturers like rigid setup boxes with foam inserts and inside velvet fabric to send fragile hair extensions, makeup kits and perfumes to subscribers that require protection and still need to impress onlookers while giving them impressive access to product inside. Precious gift items like candles and expensive toys are kept by brands in luxurious two piece boxes with card inserts to serve the dual purpose of protection and artistic presentation that is sure to impress receiver at first glimpse and tempt them to access the product inside instantly. Two piece boxes also come with a special shoulder, called the neck, that is constructed to exact size, die cut and pasted with hands between the lower base and top lid for a tight seal turning into a precious yet protective keepsake for collector items like gems, wristwatches, keychains and cufflinks that provide effortless opening yet offer distinctive packaging. Are you looking for highly protective two piece boxes that keep your products in pristine condition for impressive presentation? Do you want to keep your products safe under all scenarios? Want to add an extra layer of security to product? Worried your product might break or get ruined before reaching customer.

In order to obtain maximum protection and safety for your products, you must avail the expertise and top-notch manufacturing services of Shopping Bags Mall for your two piece boxes. We produce two piece as per your requirements using sturdy cardboard and non-bendable rigid stock for ultimate protection. Choose from numerous protective options including foam or cardboard inserts die cut to your product’s shape to obtain ultimate safety while also injecting uniqueness. Get complete support from our experienced material specialists and obtain one-on-one consultation from our product specialists to find the correct packaging requirements of your product, select correct stock, choose right thickness of finest quality cardboard and paper coating over it for rigid stock. Ultimately, We provide all packaging solutions with the goal to meet your products storage while minimizing overall costs.

Personalized two piece boxes present all sorts of products stylishly. Other than providing protection and safety to all sorts of products, companies massively use personalized two piece boxes for promotional and presentation purposes. These boxes are an ideal option to create brand recognition and unforgettable value of product that no one will be able to overlook. Bakeries and confectioneries utilize high-end two piece boxes with cavity inserts and die cut PVC window to offer muffins and cookies for a mouth-watering first glimpse and tempt onlookers to buy it right away by looking at product inside through provided window. Chocolates and various favor food items are kept in two piece boxes with ribbon decorations and bow tie to turn into a luxurious gift to be presented in birthdays and parties. Innovative Two piece boxes covered with beautiful wrapping paper and ivory flowers automatically become attractive that are liked by brands to send their promotional and limited edition products to subscribers and valued customers for ultimate marketing and advertisement of brand. Retail brands prefer two piece boxes with printed patterns and thematic colors to give a unique identity of brand and the product inside. Two piece boxes with fabulous designs and personal message from artists are a nice option for design studios to distribute their portraits, paintings and textile samples to testers and commercial customers. Organizations like to use inspiring two piece boxes with gold foiling and embossed logo to send out shields, badges and gift of honor to employees and customers for ultimate appreciation. Jewelry and ornaments presented in fancy two piece boxes with matte finish are sure to give a feeling of premium quality when a customer holds the product box in hand. When the product has been utilized, custom printed two piece boxes with attractive colors and eye-catching embellishments become a nice souvenir and decoration item that individuals like to keep at home for storing various household items. Do you want to creatively promote your products among valued customers? Are you looking for creative ways to maximize your products’ marketing impact? Want a unique brand promotional tool that everyone will love? Do you want to present your products by adding glamorously looks and feel? Are you looking to add exceptional value to your products while sending to subscribers and valued clients? Then, you should choose elegant and creative looking two piece boxes. To obtain true distinctive looking two piece boxes, you need to partner with a proficient and expert packaging solutions provider---- Shopping Bags Mall, We understand all your presentation and publicity requirements and offer an array of customization possibilities for two piece boxes to be as unique as possible. Just consult our designers to find what suits you best and get your imaginations reflected on the boxes. No matter if you want to add distinctive printing, embossing or debossing of logo, striking gold/silver foil or gloss or soft-touch matte finish, we have the expertise and knowledge to reflect your ideas on two piece boxes in a creative manner. In the end we give the ultimate freedom to be as creative with custom two piece boxes as you want for ultimate distinctive appearance and promotion of product. Gain detailed design assistance from our designers from the initial dimensions to the final additions to create one-off box. Receive free design 3D samples of your boxes to test and verify the design of box and approve the artwork to give go ahead for mass-production. Our latest printing techniques include digital and offset printing that ensure boxes will look exactly how you approved in the 3D mockups. We specializes in production of high quality two piece boxes.

Two piece rigid boxes are a name of class, innovation and distinction and here at Gift Box Mart, we know exactly that. Do you want two piece rigid boxes that add grandeur to your products and still safeguard the precious products inside? We have just what you need! We facilitate your every requirement from initial quote to the product shipping from fore front and ensure the two piece boxes fulfill all your needs. From the day you request an instant quote from the quote engine on our website, our product specialists’ spring into action to get all your queries answered. Our price estimators provide a complete breakdown of prices for required custom two piece boxes and ensure you get the lowest costs while giving maximum value. We have been serving the commercial entities and individuals with customized two piece boxes from over two decades now due to our strict quality standard. Our no minimum order quantity limit lets you order boxes in any quantity, whether you need wholesale boxes or as low as 20, we have facility to cater to all box quantities and give equal preference to all of them. Being a experienced company and through our association with leading courier services, we facilitate our customers in all over world with free shipping of boxes and still provide the short lead time of just 24 business days.

Create the Custom Two Piece Boxes You Need Quickly & Easily. A two-piece box is a high end product packaging box made from cardboard or rigid material. These boxes can be manufactured in a variety of configurations to fulfil a range of purposes such as cardboard two piece boxes to enclose shirts, rigid two-piece setup boxes to offer jewelry gifts and promotional items, or window two piece boxes for exhibiting the contents packed inside. We offer to make all your customization dreams come true with a plethora of choices and custom made two piece boxes that are manufactured to your exact specifications. To get started on your custom project, specify the custom dimensions in which you want these boxes to be manufactured. Then, pick the add-ons, embellishments, decorative attachments, and finishing choice for your tailor-made two-piece box to make it a unique insignia that speaks for your brand. Available options include precisely cut foam inserts for a perfect fit, ribbon pulls for sleeve style two-piece boxes, die cut windows to display the item packed inside, and many more. When all this is done, book the number of tailor-made two piece boxes you require


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