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Rigid boxes are considered as high end packaging boxes and presentation boxes.

The advantages of rigid boxes is that rigid boxes are easy to be customized coming in any size,color and shape with various styles.

In fact rigid boxes have so many styles to offer strong protection in stylish and luxurious way.

Shoulder rigid box ( rigid boxes with shoulder and neck) is one of popular stylish,shoulder rigid box looks more distinctive and elegant, it feels more quality and luxurious, great as premium packaging boxes and presentation box.

Shoulder box is basically the same base and lid box, but it features additional neck box inside the base. Neck can elevate lid to leave a gap between base and lid or can go all the way to meet the base. By default all our premium shoulder boxes are grooved and stand out among other boxes with super sharp and clean edges. Branded shoulder boxes can serve for huge variety of purposes: as a wine box, box for candle, box for whiskey, cosmetics and so on.

Where to get custom shoulder rigid boxes with cheap price?

Shopping Bags Mall is one stop place to buy quality custom shoulder rigid boxes with cheap price

As rigid boxes manufacturing, Shopping Bags Mall specialize in manufacturing custom rigid boxes including hinged lid rigid boxes,two piece rigid boxes.

Shoulder rigid box is main product of Shopping Bags Mall

Shopping Bags Mall offer huge selections of paper board, wrapped paper,printing, print finishes to make custom shoulder rigid boxes coming in your size, color without run limit.

At Shopping Bags Mall, shoulder rigid boxes also have many versions:

Invisible Shoulder

The invisible shoulder in the shoulder box provides some extra space in the base of the box for fitting of your product in the inlays or within the box. These types of boxes are commonly used in cigarette packages, gift boxes, jewellery Boxes, perfume boxes, candles, boxes, or luxury box for watches. We provide variation and creativity for our customer that sustains their success in the market.

Visible Shoulder

The neck in between the base and lid in the visible shoulder boxes is an elegant way to show color contrast and a unique added feature to the common Base and Lid boxes. It also provides ease and convenience in opening which will give your customer a special unboxing experience.

Slipcase Shoulder Box

The slipcase in the shoulder box is an additional feature which adds to the look, design, and safety the box. These boxes can be very useful for luxurious and expensive Jewellery, Box for Exclusive Watches, Exclusive Candle Box, Box for Special edition beverages, and perfumes.

Shoulder rigid boxes at Shopping Bags Mall can be customized coming in any size and color with various finish


Most of our Premium Shoulder Boxes are covered with fancy decorative papers and finished with hot Foil stamping, UV Varnish, embossing or debossing. Shoulder Boxes can also be covered with different offset printed papers, some of them can be done with silkscreen print.


Most of our luxury Shoulder Boxes are manufactured from high quality 1,5mm, 2mm 2,4 mm, and 3mm greyboard/bookboard and laminated with printed papers, decorative papers, textile or artificial leather. Some of them are hand finished or 100% hand made!

Post-print finishing

Premium Shoulder Boxes can be finished with UV varnish, hot foil stamping in variety of colors, embossing, debossing, handles, windows, drawers, magnet closures, glued in ribbons, etc. Matt, gloss, non-scratch, soft touch, linen textured laminate can also be used.


Many types of Fitments and Inlays can accompany Shoulder Boxes to ensure the safety, look, and design of you product inside the Box.


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