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Shopping Bags Mall specialize in manufacturing custom rigid boxes

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Rigid boxes,also called as rigid set up boxes,are made of heavyweight paper board. so all rigid boxes have strong construction, they look more quality. In the same time, threr are so many options of wrapped paper to cover on rigid boxes to get stunning,personalized,distinctive looking. So rigid boxes also look luxurious and elegant, it is the reason why rigid boxes can be used as gift boxes,presentation boxes and premium packaging boxes.

Rigid Boxes comes in a variety of design styles and offers a more upscale feel. It is most commonly used for high-end retailers selling cosmetics, apparel, accessories, or other luxury goods. You can order black or white rigid gift boxes as well.

As rigid boxes manufacturer, Shopping Bags Mall specialize in manufacturing custom rigid boxes.

As experienced manufacturer of rigid boxes, Shopping Bags Mall can print custom logo and image on rigid boxes for branding and marketing,We offer many printing and print finishes process for your choice to make personalized rigid boxes as your desire.


Rigid gift boxes with lids are already a premium packaging solution. However, if you want to enhance them even further, try using add-ons. Add-ons are additional features or changes that can help you improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your packaging. We offer the following add-ons:

Embossing,Spot UV,Debossing,Hot Stamping,Window Patching.


Embossing is the process of using a die and stamp to press into paper or other materials. While traditional embossing uses a raised design, this isn't required for it to be called embossing. It might only be a flat print where you want certain areas to stand out.

Hot Stamping

If you want your packaging to be more striking, hot stamping might be right for you. It uses heat and pressure to transfer color or pattern onto your packaging.


Debossing is the opposite of embossing. It may only be flat printing, but where you want them to appear sunken into your packaging.

Window Patching

Not all rigid boxes for gifts are sealed with a lid, so adding a window patch can give it more function. This would allow someone to see what's inside your package without needing to open it.


Now that you know what add-ons are let's talk about different combinations that can be made using these add-ons. What follows is a list of different combinations of the add-ons mentioned above for custom rigid gift boxes:

Embossing + Debossing

Hot Stamping + Debossing

Hot Stamping + Window Patching

Embossing + Hot Stamping

Spot UV + Hot Stamping

Spot UV + Embossing + Hot Stamping

Now let's discuss these combinations in detail:

Embossing + Debossing

This combination would have embossed detailing where the die is applied to your box, but it will be debossed where there is no embossing.

Hot Stamp + Debossing

This combination would have hot stamping across the box in one color, but with debossed detailing where you want it to appear sunken into your packaging.

Hot Stamping + Window Patching

If you add a window patch, just like above, your packaging will only have the colors and design where you want it.

Embossing + Hot Stamping

This combination would have embossed detailing on some areas but hot-stamped around the edges of the rigid gift box.

Spot UV + Hot Stamping

Spot UV can be combined with hot stamping for a glossy look and feel.

Spot UV + Embossing + Hot Stamping

This combination would have embossed detailing and hot-stamped edges, but with spot UV accents on certain areas of your packaging for a striking contrast against the rest of the box.


Finishing coats not only improve the outer look of your wholesale rigid gift boxes but also incorporate a protective layer onto them. Packaging Bee offers the following finishing coats:

Matte Finish

Gloss Finish

Soft-Touch Finish

Varnish Finish

Matte Finish

Matte finish refers to a coat that gives your rigid gift packaging a soft, matte appearance.

Gloss Finish

A gloss finish refers to a coating that makes your custom rigid gift packaging shiny and glossy

Soft-Touch Finish

The soft-touch finish refers to an extremely smooth surface on your rigid boxes with ridges on the top.

Varnish Finish

The varnish finish refers to a coating that gives your packaging a shiny, translucent finish. Besides these choices, you can also opt for no finishing coat on your custom rigid boxes. This will result in an uncoated matte look and feel to it.


We understands the importance of printing techniques and offers the following for white and black rigid gift boxes:

Digital Printing Technique

Offset Printing Technique


Color models are responsible for creating the colors that are required. You can choose from the following when you connect with us:

CMYK Color Model

PMS Color Model


You can enjoy the following benefits when you invest in custom rigid gift boxes:

High-End Look & Feel

This is because your wholesale rigid gift boxes will be made using high-quality materials. This will give them an incredibly luxurious look and feel that people won't find in any other type of shipping packaging.

Increased Resistance To Bending And Crushing

The main benefit of rigid white gift boxes would be their resistance to bending and crushing, making them ideal for shipping products with fragile components. This is because rigid gift packaging is made of corrugated cardboard that has a lot of strength in them and plastic components that make them even stronger.

If you want eco friendly rigid boxes, we can use recycled material to make rigid boxes, we also call them as recycled rigid kraft boxes.

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