Custom Made Hinged Lid Rigid Boxes With Magnetic Closure And Logo Printing

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Rigid boxes are used as high end packaging boxes and premium presentation boxes. The advantages of rigid boxes are not only very strong,luxurious and elegant, but also versatile, because rigid boxes have many styles,hinged lid rigid boxes with magnetic closure is popular style of rigid boxes.

Magnetic closure rigid boxes make any type of packaging much more convenient. The magnetic boxes open and close in a single action, providing your goods with a very professional appearance. The first step in this simple but effective idea is to utilize a robust wood stock or magnetic gift boxes made of cardboard. The next step is to place two flat magnet plates within the front box divider. The magnets draw together when you move the flap to close the box, securely closing the top.

The flip-top box with magnetic closing and a magnetic catch is the most popular name for magnetic closure boxes. These boxes are made entirely of excellent grade, thick stiff stock wrapped in premium paper. Aside from the conventional dark-colored Kraft paper, custom cardboard boxes can be covered with matte white or black Kraft paper to create black and white rigid magnetic closure boxes. Spot UV and hot foil stepping logos, such as gold and black foil, are stunning. They offer a bit of class to your personalized packaging.

The characteristics of rigid boxes is that it is easy to create personalized rigid boxes.

For product packaging and promotion, businesses employ magnetic gift boxes. These boxes are a nice alternative for packaging a variety of things because of their exquisite touch. These boxes are ideal for mailing high-end gifts to clients, friends, and family members. These boxes will serve as a useful keepsake for years to come, giving your recipients a token of your love. These boxes are long-lasting and may be customized with a variety of materials and finishes.

These magnetic closure gift boxes with inserts are intended to wrap fragile objects for long-distance shipping. You can have your customized inscriptions put on the boxes that are meant to be given as gifts. Designing and printing fantastic magnetic rigid boxes, on the other hand, necessitates professional knowledge. Gifts are intended to make the recipient extremely happy. At The Customized Boxes, we recognize this need and produce unique magnetic gift boxes that will make your special events stand out. We provide easy-to-handle magnetic closure rigid boxes.

As rigid boxes manufacturer, Shopping Bags Mall specialize in manufacturing custom rigid boxes.

The Customized Rigid Boxes is a well-known name in high-end package printing done by hand. For quite some time, Gift Boxes Direct have been providing valuable services to a huge number of individuals and businesses. As being top magnetic closure box manufacturer,Gift Boxes Direct have a variety of appealing solutions for you. We have a variety of stock alternatives, ranging from velvet to silk interiors, as well as paper linen that may be wrapped around these magnetic rigid boxes.

Embossing, debossing, gold, silver foiling, and satin finish are some of the finishing options. If you’d like a personalized card or ribbon to go on top of these boxes, we can have these created according to your preferences. We also offer an incredible magnetic lid rigid box to their buyers. Shopping Bags Mall aim to provide high-tech package printing solutions of magnetic gift boxes to its customers. We use offset, screen, and digital printing procedures to ensure that all of the boxes we print have a wonderful finish.

Custom insert is important part of rigid boxes, inserts can hold product safely in rigid boxes,can can also display the characteristic of products to customers.

Shopping Bags Mall also specialize in manufacturing custom insert.

The use of magnetic closure rigid boxes with inserts is convenient. These cushioning inserts are great for securing and protecting your sensitive things. They also prevent the product from shifting and causing damage. On the grounds, we recommend using form and silk inserts in plain surface paper-covered rigid cardboard magnetic rigid boxes. All inserts are 100 percent recyclable and environmentally friendly. Reduce your carbon footprint by reusing and repurposing them. If you don’t want to use silk, you can always use paperboard as a cheaper substitute.

The use of magnetic rigid boxes with clear windows is quite advantageous. There would be no space for error because they will let the clients see what’s inside plainly. The client may see the product through the clear glass, which maintains the box wrapping intact. Custom gift boxes with magnetic closure come with complimentary packaging and shipping. If you only need a single bespoke mailer container, please contact us for a price. EPE form embed/edge protector is also available.

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