personalized paper bags

Personalized Paper Bags 

Paper bags are not only as durable and reusable carrier bags,they are also as promotional tool.When you provide paper bags to your customers, you have an opportunity to advertise your business by your customer's movement with your paper bags.It is the reason why Every owners of business and retail stores do hope to get personalized paper bags for their business or events. Personalized paper bags can display your business and products information to attract more potential customers. JinDanPack is one stop place to help you to create personalized,customized paper shopping bags in most cost effective and eco friendly way.It is JinDanPack's speciality to offer custom paper bags,bespoke paper bags to fit any end.

Paper Bags With Inside Printing 

paper bags with inside printing
When you provide paper bags to convey what they purchase,and want to impact your customers,inside printing ( interior printing ) is great way.Paper bags with inside printing will be different from normal paper bags just with outside printing,paper bags with inside printing look more distinctive and sophisticated,great for branding and marketing,considered as high end production to add more quality confidence on your business and products. As paper bags manufacturer, JinDanPack specialize in manufacturing quality paper bags with inside printing,interior printing--whether just print custom logo on bottom paper board,or 100% ink coverage on inside of paper bags,we also can do coating or lamination to protect ink.Specification is in below
1 all paper bags--whether it is laminated paper bag,luxury paper bag,euro tote paper bag,or kraft paper bag--can be printed inside
2 we can print any color--whether it is pantone color, or cmyk full color--that can match outside printing
3 100% ink coverage is available

Luxury Paper Bags With Inside Printing

paper bags with inside printing
  • Paper: 210g card paper
  • Lamination: matt
  • Printing: one pantone color printing with reversed  logo
  • Inside Printing: one color printing on bottom board
  • Handle: grosgrain ribbon handle slotted into top of bag

Laminated Paper Bags With Inside Printing

paper bags with inside printing
  • Paper: 200g art paper
  • Lamination: matt on inside and outside
  • Printing: 5 pantone colors printing
  • Inside Printing: one pantone color printing,100% ink coverage on inside of bag
  • Handle: pp rope handle

Trapezoid Shape Paper Bags

trapezoid paper bags
It is the advantage of paper bags that they are available in any shape. Different from normal shape--square or rectangle shape--paper bags,trapezoid paper bags look more distinctive.With custom printing your trapezoid paper bags will stand out from crowd to attract more attention of customers,great for branding and promotional campaign,of course trapezoid paper bags are considered as high end products that can add more value to inside packaging.As paper bags manufacturer, JinDanPack specialize in manufacturing trapezoid paper bags, paper bags with trapezoid shape coming in any size,color,specification is in below
  1. Paper: paper options include art paper,card paper,kraft paper,white kraft paper
  2. Lamination:glossy lamination,matt lamination,coating varnish
  3. Printing: pantone color,cmyk full color,inside printing,100% ink coverage is available
  4. Print Finish: hot stamping,embossing,spot uv varnish to print,highlight,accent custom logo or pattern
  5. Trapezoid Shape: long dimension can be on top or bottom of bag
  6. Handle:pp rope handle,cotton rope handle,die cut handle,ribbon handle
  7. Size: any size is available
  8. Quantity: short run is available

Promotional Paper Bags With Special Shape

promotional paper bags with special shape
Paper bags are great as promotional bags,because paper bags are available in  great printing effect to display business brand and products image,but also in any shape.Paper bags are made of flat paper sheet,it is easy to cut any shape then make paper bag with special shape,great to suit any promotional campaign and events.As paper bags manufacturer, JinDanPack  specialize in manufacturing promotional paper bags with special shape as custom design,great to present your business and brand the best 
  •  made of heavyweight card paper and art paper for strong construction,great to make special shape easily
  • we can print any color on paper bags for promotional campaign or events
  • custom made,any size and shape is available
  • Short run is available

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