Kraft Paper Bags

Kraft Paper Bags

Kraft Paper Bags have become more and more popular,because they are made of recyclable kraft paper,white kraft paper,recycled kraft paper to build eco friendly carrier bags at cost effective way.Kraft paper bags have many variety and style including brown kraft paper bags,white kraft paper bags,twisted handle kraft paper bags,flat handle kraft paper bags,luxury kraft paper bags that can meet any demand at eco friendly retail packaging and gift packaging products.As paper bags manufacturer, JinDanPack specialize in manufacturing full range kraft paper bags coming in below specification:
1 Paper: kraft paper bags are made of brown kraft paper,white kraft paper,recycled kraft paper.  brown kraft paper--80g,100g,120g,150g; white kraft paper--80g,100g,120g,150g; recycled kraft paper--80g,100g,120g

2 Printing: we can print any color on kraft paper bags for your branding and marketing--whether your art work is spot pantone color,solid pantone color or cmyk full color printing,100% ink coverage is available

Printed Kraft Paper Bags
3 Handle: twisted paper handle,flat paper handle,rope handle,die cut handle,ribbon handle
kraft paper bags handle
4 Size: we can make kraft paper bags as your size,we also offer hundred stock sizes

5 Quantity: short run is available,upward 100 pcs

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Kraft Paper Bags



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