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As manufacturer and wholesaler of paper bags,kraft bags,gift boxes,foldable boxes,JinDanPack specialize in manufacturing and wholesaling full range of paper bags, paper shopping bags, laminated paper bags,luxury paper bags,printed paper bags,kraft shopping bags,gift boxes,rigid boxes foldable boxes.At JinDanPack,you can find right bags and boxes for your demand at retail packaging and gift packaging. 

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JinDanPack manufacture paper bags, kraft paper bags, euro tote bags,rigid boxes and foldable rigid boxes,also wholesale gift boxes,foldable gift boxes,nested gift boxes.

JDPACK Wholesale Collapsible Rigid Boxes

custom made foldable rigid boxes from Paper Bags Direct

Collapsible rigid boxes are are one kinds of rigid boxes, collapsible rigid boxes have strong but collapsible construction, collapsible rigid boxes offer strong protection for any gift items and products, luxurious looking and quality feeling,but collapsible rigid boxes can come in flat to save space and freight, it is the reason why more customers choose collapsible rigid boxes as their premium packaging solution.

Collapsible Rigid boxes are made out of chip board and cover board that make the box indestructible. These boxes are shipped in a folded form and can be brought to shape by following simple steps.

1- Lift the lid of the box

2- Hold the folded sidewalls and pull the walls outwards

3- The box forms a shape as the flaps attached to the side walls are brought to their place

4- The long flap extended from the top lid attaches to the front wall with a magnet

The same as rigid boxes, collapsible rigid boxes are wrapped by different paper with various finish, printing, so it is easy to create personalized custom collapsible rigid boxes as your desire.

Where to Get Custom Designed and Printed Collapsible Rigid Boxes?

Where to wholesale custom printed collapsible rigid boxes?

Paper Bags Direct Is experienced manufacturer who have been working at retail packaging and gift packaging field for 20 years. Have great capability to produce custom collapsible rigid boxes with cheap price.

Custom made collapsible rigid boxes are great as high end packaging solution.

Multiple shapes of the boxes allow the clients to have diverse ideas about how to bring uniqueness in their own packaging styles. Various sizes, shapes, and designs of the box can be made for the kind of object that needs to be stored in the box. Not only can these boxes be used to sell the products, but they can also be used as a present. For the creation of collapsible gift boxes, glamorous ways must be used to beautify the package. Following the trends and keeping the demands of customers in mind, Paper Bags Direct have introduced a bunch of personalization techniques that can be helpful for our customers. The client can choose any of these styles and produce an item that is distinguishable in the market. Paper Bags Direct will bring a little change in waste production has led us to the utilization of environmentally friendly material. This makes sure that the package created is recyclable, which in turn guarantees less pollution on Earth.

The use of lamination and foiling is widely practiced in the market to bring finesse in the box. This changes the look and feels of the product, thus making it a noticeable container in the market. Marketing of the item via packaging can also be done by the use of embossing and debossing techniques. These can engrave the company logo or product name on the box with uniqueness and style. Small windows on the top flap of a foldable rigid box also improve the chances of purchasers’ attention. A buyer can be compelled to buy a product if we let them know what is on the inside of the box. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate motive, and we achieve it bringing the option of physical sampling on the request of the clients. Either flat view or 3D mockups can be used to view the way the final product will look.

Rigid boxes perfect for many different retail products just cannot be made more functional than the Custom Collapsible Rigid Boxes from The Premium Boxes. Delivered flat, these packaging boxes not only provide the easiest delivery processes but also are the easiest to pull into position having no detached sides. Just by pulling on the sidewalls, you can put these into their required secure positions for almost any kind of retail product. Paper Bags Direct provide these supreme retail-packaging boxes at cheapest wholesale prices and bundle in free shipping along with free cutting and printing equipment as well when you order bulk packaging from us.

Collapsible rigid boxes contain high quality of printing and materials. Collapsible rigid boxes are crafted out of rigid cardboard and Kraft paper materials that are exclusive in providing a complete package of product safety and protection from every sort of environmental as well as shipping or transportation issues. Custom printed collapsible rigid boxes are exclusive in marketing brands with high printing quality as they hold catchy graphics in rich resolution, catchy fonts, high-end printing inks, PMS and CMYK color schemes, and embossed logos and slogans. Furthermore from cosmetics to foods and mechanical products, custom printed collapsible rigid boxes are exceptional to serve the packaging purposes of the businesses and allure customers to make respective brands successful in the industry.

What sets these collapsible gift boxes apart from other packaging solutions is their foldability and ease to assemble quickly. Custom collapsible rigid boxes are exclusive in making a positive impact on the sale and profitability of the brands. In the modern-day businesses, minimal packaging is taking place to avoid additional expenses on shipping and packaging, and these containers are up to the mark in this scenario. The other aspect that is enhancing their worth for every business and industry is their recyclability and cost-effectiveness as these both factors have key importance for business sustainability.

Collapsible rigid boxes are great as premium packaging solution for retail packaging and gift packaging.

These boxes are useful for every sort of product due to their wide-ranging benefits. Here are 5 key uses of these high end packages:


Due to their attractive packaging designs and high-end printing quality, they are excessively used for gifting purposes. By including printed wishes, messages, and other decorative elements, they become a true depiction of the presenter’s personality. They provide an outstanding unboxing experience to recipients and make them moments joyful. Having multiple decorative elements and add-ons in them they are exceptional in alluring others and providing protection to encased gift items.

Safe Product storage:

For the fragile products that need additional protection, they are exclusively used for their storage for a longer time period. As they are manufactured out of sturdy and long-lasting packaging materials, they are exceptional in protecting packaged items. The lamination with gloss and matte materials ensures that they are fully capable to resist against humidity and moisture and even toxicity which makes these authentic for the storage purpose. High-quality collapsible boxes can bear every sort of environmental impact that any product can face in the storage area. If you are looking for a long-lasting yet cost-effective storage packaging solution, these packages could be the perfect match for your storage needs.


Having catchy designs and unique quality of product display and presentation, collapsible gift boxes wholesale are exceptionally used for retailing purposes. A large number of retail businesses are taking advantage of their unique designs and ability to grab the customer’s attention to maximizing their sales and profits. They provide a unique display to packaged items which helps the retailers to reach out to a maximum number of customers and grow their business rapidly.

Brand building:

Hiving rich quality of printing, graphics, and other marketing aspects, these packages are exclusively used by the businesses for building a unique identity in the industry. Studies and researches about the packaging role in the brand building for businesses reveal that every large and small collapsible box can exceptionally market the respective brands and help them to stand out in the market. In the multiple industries and businesses these packages are being used to maximize brand recognition and achieving business sustainability.

Product shipping:

Keeping the hassles and hazards of transportation for the fragile and precious products in mind, businesses are utilizing these high end packages to maximize their product safety and deliver their products to customers in best possible quality and standards. The rigid and collapsible packaging boxes are wiping out other packaging solutions in two ways specifically. As they are not only providing product safety to brands but also helping them in reducing their transportation and shipping costs as they are light in weight and do not add much weight to packaged items. So, these features are playing a key role in their usage for shipping purposes.

Contact Paper Bags Direct today to get more information of our collapsible rigid boxes, high quality,fast turnaround and cheap price are the advantages to buy custom printed collapsible rigid boxes from .

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JDPACK Wholesale Custom Collapsible Rigid Boxes

This is custom made collapsible rigid box,this box is made of 1200g chipboard, and box is wrapped by matt laminated art paper with one color printing for custom logo,box has hinged lid with flap and ribbon closure, and box has collapsible construction, it can be folded into flat to save space and freight, and box is easy to be assembled to become strong rigid box when use. This custom made collapsible rigid box is made by JDPACK, its size is 320x320x80mm, and its price is USD$1.20/pc.

Collapsible rigid boxes have become more and more popular, because collapsible rigid boxes offer strong protection, and they have elegant, and luxurious looking, collapsible rigid boxes have quality feeling, great as premium packaging solution for high value products and gift items.

As gift boxes manufacturer, JDPACK specialize in manufacturing collapsible rigid boxes,foldable rigid boxes. As experienced manufacturer, JDPACK offer wide options of material, wrapped paper, printing, print finishes and closure methods to create collapsible rigid boxes that can come in any size,color, looking to fit your end.

In fact collapsible rigid boxes have become more and more important, collapsible rigid boxes are great as gift boxes too. Collapsible gift boxes–also called as foldable gift boxes, are the perfect solution for today’s businesses and industries. They can decrease your shipping costs while simultaneously increasing sales. These containers offer a great way to show off what you’re selling, without taking up too much space in transit or on store shelves- which is especially important when packing fragile items like glassware! With these collapsible solutions, it only takes moments to assemble beautiful packaging that will grab people’s attention.

1. As Gifts

These boxes are a perfect solution for packing gifts. folding gift boxes, how cool is that? With collapsible packaging, it only takes moments to assemble beautiful gift wrapping that will grab someone’s attention as soon as you walk in.

These collapsible options allow you to stand out from other storage choices by providing an easy way for people to pack their presents easily before heading home.

By using collapsible solutions, you can reduce the prices of shipping if you are sending a gift to someone. It’s also a great option for fragile presents like glassware.

2. Keep a few in your car for emergencies

Rigid boxes are always a great way to stay prepared for emergencies. Traveling can be hectic, as wise people say, better safe than sorry. Keep a rigid box in your car at all times, it can be very handy to have one around. They can be thrown in your trunk or backseat of your car so that you have them on hand when the time comes. You can carry all sorts of things like torch light, phone charger, first aid kit, pressure measuring gauge and even some energy bars. Who knows when you’ll need them. Because It’s easy enough to find emergency supplies at home but sometimes it’s nice just to know you have something nearby if necessary.

Collapsible packaging is often preferable because they usually come with more space than other solutions such as plastic containers or cardboard boxes would offer.

3. Great storage option

Collapsible packaging can be used for a variety of different things. One of the most common is collapsible rigid boxes for storing clothes, books and other items in your home or office. You can also put some under your bed as storage space for anything that’s not being used at the moment.

Not only are they durable but collapsible meaning that well-known space saving benefit you get from them to maximize storage capacity. You don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking over stacks of cardboard containers because these fold flat when not being used which then allows more room on shelves and surfaces around your living area.

A lot of people use collapsible boxes as makeshift tables too by placing food trays, serving platters, appetizers and even drinks on top without worrying about spills getting into their carpeting or furniture cushions due to their waterproof properties.

4. Use in Retailing

Due to their custom branding feature, In retail these boxes are often used to pack clothes or other items that cannot be folded. Other than that, gift shops use these boxes to pack gifts and it looks more attractive than your traditional wrap and ribbon.

By using this type of box, merchants can maximize their space and provide more room for customers by stacking the collapsible containers on top of each other in neat rows.

5. Company Branding

Custom branding is the process of imprinting your logo, design or artwork on Packaging. This creates an opportunity for customers to identify with products that are produced by a certain company and this can be seen as a form of prestige (or quality) symbol for those consumers who care about such things.

Collapsible rigid boxes are a great way to store and organize items, from clothes in your closet to t-shirts or sweaters in the basement. These containers can be stacked on top of each other for storage purposes, which saves space and makes it easy to find what you need when needed.

As collapsible rigid boxes manufacturer, JDPACK specialize in manufacturing custom collapsible rigid boxes, JDPACK provide wide options of material, wrapped paper, printing, printing finishes,closure methods to build custom collapsible rigid boxes with cheap price.

Detail please contact with JDPACK

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10x5x13" Twisted Handle Kraft Paper Bags With Custom Printing

This is twisted handle kraft paper bag with twisted handle and full color custom printing, its size is 10x5x13", and this bag is made by JDPACK, its price is USD$0.12/pc

This bag is made of 100g kraft paper with colored twisted paper handle glued at top of bag, the characteristic of white kraft paper bags is that white kraft paper bags are not only 100% recyclable and biodegradable, but also are great to print any color of custom design, it is the reason why white kraft paper bags can be used as eco friendly shopping bags and promotional bags.

As paper bags manufacturer, JDPACK specialize in manufacturing kraft paper bags, including twisted handle kraft bags,flat handle kraft bags and rope handle kraft bags. As experienced manufacturer of kraft paper bags, JDPACK offer wide options of kraft paper,handle, printing, print finish to build custom kraft paper bags that can fit any end. Importantly there is no run limit at JDPACK, even if you need 200 pcs custom printed kraft paper bags or 100,000 pcs flat handle kraft bags, you get not only high quality,cheap price, but also fast turn around.

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luxury nested gift boxes from JDPACK

nested gift boxes from JDPACK

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flat handle kraft paper bags with full color custom printing from JDPACK

This is flat handle kraft paper bag with full color custom printing, this bag is made of 100g kraft paper, with colored flat paper handle glued on top of bag and bag has cmyk full color custom printing.

This bag is made by JDPACK

As paper bags manufacturer, JDPACK specialize in manufacturing custom printed kraft paper bags, custom printed flat handle kraft paper bags.

Flat handle kraft paper bags are great as eco friendly shopping bags, food bags,take away bags. You can find them everywhere. Flat handle kraft paper bags are not only 100% recyclable, but also very cheap, so flat handle kraft bags can be used as economic shopping bags.

At JDPACK, all kraft paper bags can be customized coming in any size,color and shape with cheap price

Detail please go JDPACK

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luxury paper bags with hot stamping logo and ribbon handle from JDPACK

This is custom made luxury paper bag. This bag is made of 230g art paper with black color printing, flood entire bag, and bag has matt lamination, with gold hot stamping logo, feature with ribbon handle and ribbon closure.

This bag is made by JDPACK

As paper bags manufacturer, JDPACK specialize in manufacturing luxury paper bags, luxury shopping bags, As experienced manufacturer, JDPACK stock and offer wide options of paper, handle, finish to build luxury paper bags as your desire. All luxury paper bags at JDPACK are hand made to ensure high quality, and JDPACK can print custom logo on luxury paper bags,hot stamping ,embossing and spot uv are available to print and highlight custom logo.

Detail please go JDPACK

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rope handle luxury kraft paper bags with printed logo from JDPACK

Kraft paper bags are great as eco friendly shopping bags and promotional bags, because kraft paper bags are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

When you are looking for premium eco friendly shopping bags, luxury kraft paper bags are the best choice.

Luxury kraft paper bags are made of heavyweight kraft paper, and all luxury kraft bags have euro style–they have turn top with reinforced card board, so luxury kraft bags have strong construction , it is the reason why euro style kraft bags look more quality and luxurious.

Such as this bag, it is made of 150g kraft paper, it has one color printing for custom logo, and bag has rope handle knotted at turn top with reinforced card paper, this bag looks more quality and green, great as premium eco friendly shopping bags.

This bag is made by JDPACK

When you are looking for luxury kraft bags, luxury kraft shopping bags, luxury eco friendly shopping bags, please go JDPACK

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die cut handle white kraft paper bags with printed logo from JDPACK

kraft paper bags are made of different kraft paper,so kraft paper bags also can be called as brown kraft bags,white kraft bags,recycled kraft bags. The common characteristic of different kraft bags is that all of them are 100% recyclable and biodegradable,great as eco friendly shopping bags and promotional bags.

In fact most of kraft paper bags come in two popular styles–twisted handle kraft bags and flat handle kraft bags,they are high street retail packaging products,even used as promotional bags at business events and exhibitions.

If you want luxurious eco friendly bags, luxury kraft paper bags are the best choice. The top tip to build luxury paper bags is to use heavyweight paper with turn top and reinforced paper board for strong and sturdy construction, and fit with rope,die cut or ribbon handle.

Such as this bag, it is made of 150g kraft paper, with one color printing, die cut handle at turn top of bag with reinforced paper board.

Because made of heavyweight kraft paper with reinforced paper board at top and bottom of bags,this bag has strong and sturdy construction, so it look more quality and luxurious with natural feeling, great as eco friendly luxury bag.

This bag is made by JDPACK

JDPACK is experienced manufacturer of kraft paper bags, JDPACK specialize in manufacturing full range of kraft paper bags including twisted handle kraft bags,flat handle kraft bags,rope handle kraft bags.

Luxury kraft bag is main product of JDPACK, JDPACK offer various heavyweight kraft paper to build bag and provide various handles to fit on bag. Importantly JDPACK can print any color of custom logo and image on kraft bags without run limit.

Detail please go JDPACK to get free quote

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Custom Printed Euro Tote Bags With Handle

Quality shopping bags are not only as carrier bags to convey small objects safely,but also as quality symbol of business and products.

When you are looking for quality shopping bags,you can choose euro tote bags. Euro tote bags are considered as high end shopping bags and premium promotional bags. With custom printing, euro tote bags are great as luxury shopping bags to represent business the best.

Custom printed euro tote shopping bags are the ultimate luxury shopping bag option for retailers, resorts, spas, and special events. There are numerous options available for complete customization of euro tote bags including hot-stamping, four color process printing, spot printing, and your choice of special finishes, lamination, and handle options. Euro tote shopping bags are made with extremely heavyweight luxury paper stock and include reinforced bottom boards and turn tops for durability and longevity.

Your fully customized euro tote bags can be custom printed inside and out, with several options for special finishes and lamination to add a unique finishing touch. The bags start out as paper sheets that are printed on modern, offset printing presses that allow for sophisticated graphics. Bags can be printed with multiple colors on all sides, including the interior if desired. You can also add specialty finishes like UV spot printing, hot-stamping, and embossing. You can choose matt or glossy lamination to cover the entire printed paper for a more visual affect. Laminating on custom printed euro totes also adds strength to the paper and prevents dark colored, heaving ink coverage bags from showing cracking at the folds.

One of the benefits of custom euro tote bags is being able to customize your handles. You can choose from various materials including polypropylene braided rope, cotton, twill, leather, die cut and even custom printed ribbon is easy to create quality euro tote bags with special handle.

Fully customized euro tote bags require an investment in your business and a commitment to your brand image. These ultra-luxurious shopping bags require high standard to print and produce carefully.

When you are looking for quality euro tote shopping bags. JDPACK is reputable manufacturer of euro tote bags.

JDPACK specialize in manufacturing euro tote bags, euro tote bags, euro tote shopping bags, euro tote luxury paper bags.

JDPACK will ensure that your euro totes meet your exact specifications and design for your marketing campaign. If you are limited by quantity, lead times, or other requirements, 4BagsBoxes can meet your requirement. At 4BagsBoxes, you can choose from a variety of sizes, styles, and colors of euro tote shopping bags to be custom printed using foil hot-stamping, ink printing, or digital printing.

Customers will notice the high-quality look and feel of your custom euro tote bags that are made by JDPACK, when they carry them out of the store. These bags provide a high-end look while providing premier strength and durability. Euro totes bags can be reused many times by the end user to ensure that your investment provides further marketing reach for your brand. A branded shopping bag can be a fashion statement, a status symbol, and a social media trend, making them much more valuable than just being a vessel for purchased items.

For environmentally conscious businesses, euro tote bags at JDPACK can be made with recycled materials and can be made recyclable at your request. These bags meet most local environmental ordinances and can be classified as a reusable bag. Because these high-quality bags provide longevity, they are less likely to be thrown away by the end user.

When you are looking for euro tote bags, JDPACK provide following options for you to create and build custom euro tote bags to fit your end.

1) Paper–JDPACK offer art paper and card paper to make euro tote bags, and Paper weight is in below

art paper–157g,170g,200g,230g,250g,300g

card paper–190g,210g,230g,250g,300g

2) Lamination– glossy lamination,matt lamination

3) Printing– offset printing, spot pantone color, solid pantone color,cmyk full color, 100% ink coverage and inside printing is available

4) Print Finish–hot stamping, embossing, spot uv varnish

5) Handle: rope handle, die cut handle, ribbon handle

6) Size & Shape–custom made is available, all euro tote bags at 4BagsBoxes can be customized coming in any size,color and shape

7) Quantity: short run is available, 100 pcs custom printed euro tote bags are available with cheap price.

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JDPACK is manufacturer of paper bags, rigid boxes and gift boxes, JDPACK offer full range of retail packaging and gift packaging products with cheap price and high quality.

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